10 November 2012

Digital Library

The store is your digital library. Just as easy to install from store page as library page in steam. Psychology of ownership is a hangover that is unhelpful. At the end of the day, the experience of playing (probably) is all that matters. So:

Purchase games when ready to actually play

Do not purchase games unless ready to play. Do not purchase games as an expression of the intention to play at some future point

These same rules apply when it comes to all consumptive media. Why buy DVDs unless ready to watch them? (actually you should probably never buy them at this point)

  • Write script to determine cost of games actually played rather than owned.

  • Unplayed but owned is meaningless, particularly for digital items.

  • No shelf to admire (although GoG/Steam try to replicate this to an extent - GoG even provides a wooden shelf to arrange titles on)

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