1 October 2012

Taste #1 - Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PS2)

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
Developer: SCE Bend Studio
Publisher: SCE
Released: September 2007 (NA)
Time played: 45 minutes


  • 5th game in the Syphon Filter Series.

  • Released in 2006 on PSP, later ported to PS2 in 2007.

  • Apparently the fourth game introduced a more open ended experience with custom player creation and a more open structure involving RPG style missions with optional components.

  • This game is described as a return to the series roots.


  • The game did remind me of the original Syphon Filter game on the PS1. I believe I played this to completion when it was released. I'm curious to know how it would hold up and whether I'd remember any of it (a party/ball sequence comes to mind). I expect it would be a very dated and tedious experience by today's standards.

  • The game is old and sluggish by today's standards. Controls are reasonably laid out but fiddly and sluggish. It gives the impression of having been a decent PS2 third person shooter, but is by no means decent for a 2007 era (post Gears of War!) title. Not sure how it compares to benchmark PS2 shooters like Black, Killzone, or Timesplitters (though these are all first person - notable PS2 third person shooters don't come to mind though I'm sure thee exist).

  • Reasonably strong production values.

  • Very basic mechanics propped up using a variety of weapons and gadgets like goggles.

  • The enemies stand still and fire with no accuracy at all - probably in mainly to give the player time to rotate and aim using the sluggish controls.

  • Story seems to be the usual elite squad secret mission stuff - within the first mission they were blabbing on about "something Washington isn't telling us about this situation...".

  • Side note: apparently it only snows in the middle of the screen. This may be a widescreen mode problem though the game was ported from PSP so it is odd.


Stiff and old. A bit pointless.

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