7 November 2012

Taste #3 - Radiata Stories (PS2)

Radiata Stories

Developer: tri-Ace (Well known developer famous for other titles like Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile)
Publisher: Square Enix
Released: September 2005
Time played: 90 minutes


  • Real time combat. Party based but player only has direct control over main character Jack. Basic pattern is hitting targeted enemy, dodging attacks, and managing special meter which fills over time and provides power moves.

  • The game looks nice and supports progressive scan 480p. This game like many PS2 titles only supports the progressive scan mode via a button hold at boot. I have no idea why Sony decided support progressive scan only via a (mostly) undocumented button press at boot rather than an in-game menu.

  • There is a sense of humor in the game, nothing overt but enough to convince you that  the game doesn't take itself too seriously.

  • The game includes loads of NPCs. It is possible to recruit any one of something like 180 of these into the party.

  • A noted feature of this game is that you can kick anything. World items wobble when kicked sometimes dropping items. People generally react but accept a certain amount of kicking, after which they'll challenge you to a duel if you persist.

  • The field/exploration portion of the game is presented in full 3D but constrains player movement to a restricted area providing a 2.5D path ala double dragon. There are established roads with branching paths allowing players to explore the map. During this exploration enemies will appear along the road providing random battles that can be avoided by avoiding direct contact. Wonder when this was done first? I recall reading that this approach was also used in Final Fantasy XII - not sure when it was established first.

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