10 November 2012

Taste #4 - Shadow Hearts 3: From the New World (PS2)

Shadow Hearts 3 - From the New World

Developer: Nautilus
Publisher: XSEED Games
Released: March 2007
Time played: 2 hours


  • What an odd game.

  • Dialogue is very slow and painful

  • Main character is a strange kid/private detective.

  • Locations pretend to be 3D areas ready for exploration, but are extremely walled in with very little to see or do.

  • Went through first dungeon which was to explore an old Theatre looking for someone for a client. Story opens up once you complete this. Very bland design simply involving exploration of a bunch of corridors back and forth until events trigger.

  • Had always been curious about these games after seeing copies of them in the later days of the PS2 era. Now I know why they were hanging around as discount titles - they probably couldn't sell through the first print run...

  • (I refuse to taste any more Shadow Hearts games)

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